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Titillating Houseplant Statistics You Need to Know

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Plants have always been popular, but the houseplant market has gone crazy like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This article summarizes some fascinating statistics about indoor plants and shows the explosive growth of the hobby. Houseplant smokers unite!


In this article I will present some data and statistics about indoor plants. First, I will present the results of some larger surveys that have surveyed millennials, independent garden centers, etc.

I also collected my own data and at the end of the article I will show you the results of a survey that I conducted myself on Instagram, which described in detail how many houseplants my followers have.

1. What percentage of people in the United States have houseplants?

According to a 2020 study by Civic Science, 66% of consumers in the United States have at least 1 houseplant.

2. What percentage of sales of indoor plants are millennials responsible for?

Garden Media’s 2019 Garden Trends report reveals the following: according to Garden Research, a division of the National Gardening Association, millennials have been responsible for 31% of indoor plant sales in recent years (and that was before the unusual events of 2020!)

We all know that all millennials are crazy about indoor plants.

3. How big is the indoor plant industry in the USA?

A 2019 National Post article states that sales of indoor plants in the US have increased by 50 percent over the past 3 years to a total of $1.7 billion (source: National Gardening Association).

4. How big is the indoor plant industry in Canada?

The same 2019 National Post article also states that Statistics Canada says total garden plant sales increased by 8% to $1.5 billion between 2013 and 2018. (Unfortunately, the sales of indoor plants were not broken down individually.)

The following 4 statistics (#5 through and including #9) show some results of a survey created by a market research company, OnePoll, and an online furniture store, article. The results were based on the responses of 2,000 millennials aged 25 to 39.

5. Number of houseplants on average that finish millennials

Among the respondents, millennials finished an average of 7 houseplants.

6. % of millennials who consider themselves plant finishers

67 Percent of millennials see themselves as plant finishers.

7. % of millennials who are nervous about keeping plants alive

Of those surveyed, 48 percent of millennials said they were nervous about whether they could keep the plants alive.

8. Is caring for plants more stressful than canal treatment?

Perhaps the most humorous statistic is this one. Among the millennials surveyed, 19% consider caring for plants to be more stressful than canal treatment!

9. Sales statistics for indoor plants in 2022

In March 2021, Garden Center magazine conducted a survey of more than 250 independent garden centers (IGC) in the United States and Canada to investigate the growing enthusiasm for indoor plants.

Of the more than 250 garden centers surveyed, you can find the results of the survey here:

  • 83% of respondents IGC have a certain section of indoor plants
  • 13% of garden centers said that 50% or more of their sales come from indoor plants and related items, such as pots, soil, growth lamps, etc.
  • 62% of garden centers actually grow their own houseplant material.
  • 64% of garden centers reported that sales of indoor plants in 2020 increased by more than 15% compared to 2019.
  • 96% expected that sales of indoor plants in 2021 would increase compared to 2020.
  • Surprisingly, 29% of garden centers did not raise prices for indoor plants in 2020. About 25% raised prices by 5-9%, 22% raised prices by 10-19%, 20% raised prices by 1-4%, and only 4% of garden centers surveyed raised prices by 20% or more.
  • Facebook and Instagram are the two largest social media platforms used by garden centers to promote indoor plants. Facebook is used by 93% of garden centers to promote indoor plants, followed by Instagram by 75%.

10. How many indoor plants do people grow?

I did a little of my own research and asked my own followers on Instagram.

In December 2021, I conducted a survey among my followers via Instagram stories, in which I asked how many houseplants my followers grow. A total of 1,581 people responded and here are the results.

To help you interpret the chart, select the largest slice of the pie chart, the orange. A total of 514 people claimed to own 11 to 20 houseplants, which are shown in orange in the graphic. This is 33% of the total responses.

The smallest piece of the cake, which is depicted in purple, indicates that 5% of the respondents (a total of 85 people) own more than 200 indoor plants.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Which category do you fall into? Comment below. I would love to hear!

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