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Snake Plant Problems Questions with Answers

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Although snake plants or mother-in-law’s tongues, as they are sometimes called, are hardy plants, there are many questions and problems around these plants. This article describes 24 of the most common snake plant problems and the questions people ask.

Formerly in the genus Sansevieria, snake plants are now classified in the plant genus Dracaena.



1. What is the best soil for a snake plant?

Many different mixtures can work as long as they are well-drained. My personal preference for potted mixes for snake plants is 2-3 parts of a cactus/succulent mix with 1 part of 1/4″ pumice stone.

The one I personally use and highly recommend is Bonsai Jack’s 1/4″ pumice stone. It is very high quality and uniform and works really well!

Pumice is a volcanic rock that, when mixed in potted mixtures, creates a wonderful drainage for your snake plants.

2. BEST pot for the snake plant?

You can use a variety of pots for snake plants, and I usually grow them in terracotta pots or in plastic pots that I then put in a more decorative pot.

Keep in mind that terracotta pots dry much faster, which can be both a pro and a con, depending on the environment.

If your growing space is very hot and dry, avoid terracotta pots, as they can dry out too quickly, especially the smaller ones.

3. Do Snake Plants Need Drainage Holes?

Yes. This applies to all plants, but in particular to succulents like Sansevieria. The risk of rotting is too great if you do not have a drainage hole.

4. When to report the snake plant?

My basic rule is as follows, and this applies to any indoor plant. The best time to repot is usually the end of winter/early spring when many plants start growing again.

However, you can report at any time of the year if necessary, especially if you provide good light (natural light or grow lights) and growing conditions.

Snake plants like to be attached to the roots and can stay in the same pot for many years. After all, you can even break or divide the pot in which they grow.


5. Does The Snake Plant Need Fertilizer?

For optimal growth and health, fertilizer is an important part of any indoor plant care. You can get away with not fertilizing, but at some point, it will catch up with your plant.

Snake plants don’t need tons of fertilizer, because they grow naturally in poor, rocky areas in tropical Africa, but you will have a healthier plant if you do.

6. best fertilizer for snake plants?

You can use any all-purpose fertilizer for indoor plants, especially for succulents.

Avoid fertilizers with very high nitrogen content, as this can lead to weak and soft growth.

7. can I apply Miracle-Gro on snake plants?

Do not use Standard Miracle-Gro for general use, as it contains excessive amounts of nitrogen. He has an NPK of 24-8-16. the first number indicates the amount of nitrogen. Too much nitrogen can lead to the weaker and less robust growth of your snake plants and other succulents.

Miracle-Gro makes a juicy plant food suitable for snake plants. The NPK for this product is 0.5-1-1.


8. how many times to water the snake plant?

They should not be based on frequency, but on when your plant needs them.

Snake plants like it when their potting soil dries up completely, but don’t wait too long, otherwise, your snake plants may suffer too.

Once you have determined that your jar mixture has completely dried, continue pouring.

Water the well and allow excess water to escape from the drainage hole.

9. How much water to give a snake plant?

It is not necessary to measure the amount of water when you water your plant. There are a number of myths about irrigation on the topic of “Overwatering.”

Just water Until you have moistened your potting soil well, let the excess water drain and you are done.


10. Do Snake Plants Like Moisture?

For these plants, special attention to air humidity is not required.

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