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Mandevilla Trellis Ideas And Care Tips

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Have you been looking for creative ways to support your Mandevilla plants? These weeping beauties need support to really showcase their potential. Read on to discover some easy-to-implement ideas for Mandevilla trellises, and I will also give some care tips for your plants!


Whether you have your plants in the ground or in pots, here are some Mandevilla trellis ideas. I have been growing Mandevilla plants for many years and I am sharing with you some photos of my own garden.

1. Create a bamboo support structure

In this raised bed, I planted a few Mandevilla plants in the middle and surrounded them with Impatiens. I just put six-foot-high pieces of bamboo in the ground and tied them on top. Super easy!

If you look closely in the photo, I also took a clear fishing line and tied it horizontally (like rungs on a ladder) on the bamboo to provide additional climbing places for the vines.

Right after planting, I took each vine manually and carefully wrapped it around the bamboo to make it work. After all, the plant will naturally wrap around the structure.

2. Place horizontal support between 2 pots to form an arc

In this matter, I bought two Mandevilla pots, in which 3 bamboo stakes have already been inserted and tied on top. You can also glue them yourself if your plants have not been provided. You will need it for this project.

At that moment, I simply put a piece of bamboo on it to connect the pots and securely tied them with twine. Look at the photo below.

After 3 months, This configuration has grown. The vines completely covered the horizontal bamboo support.

As the plants grow, sometimes you have to help them by manually wrapping the tendrils around the support and tying them if necessary.

3. grow a pole and use a fishing line for extra support

In this example, I put another Mandevilla plant in the pot with bamboo poles and tied it as in the previous example above.

In this matter, however, I put the pot back directly on a wooden support of a Pergola structure. As the plant grew, I tied the vines with a clear fishing line to support and contain the plant.

Once the vines reached the Top, I began to train the plant horizontally, using a clear fishing line.

You can see in the photo below, I have a pink Mandevilla on both sides of the Pergola.

In the upper horizontal wooden surface of the Pergola, I simply hammered a few small nails and passed a clear fishing line over the top.

My Pergola in our garden, is full of plants.

As the vines grew, I wrapped them around the fishing line. This creates a beautiful bow of flowers! With a clear fishing line, you can be really creative.

I hope this has sparked some ideas for your own garden, so get creative! Now let me talk a little about caring for Mandevilles and what they like, so that you can make them bloom and make them happy.


Here are some basics of Mandevilla care.


Mandevilla plants love the sun, so give your plant at least half a day of direct sun (more is better) wherever you put them in the open.

If you have them in too much shade, the flowering will be affected and no one will buy these plants just because of the foliage.

Pot mix

Free-flowing potted mixtures are very important for these plants. A good mixture would be 2 parts of general purpose pot mix and 1 part Coarse Sand.

Excellent sharp drainage is a must for this plant.


Regular watering is important, especially during hot and dry summer days. However, always feel the soil before watering. I like to let the first few centimeters of soil dry before watering thoroughly again.

A selection of plants in my garden, including a rose MANDEN villa that climbs on the Pergola.

Never water if the surface of the Earth is still wet.


Mandevillas grow quickly and require a lot of fertilizer for better performance.

I would recommend using a good fertilizer regularly like Miracle Gro Bloom Booster to get an abundance of flowers throughout the summer.


When buying Mandevilla plants, resist the temptation to buy them when the temperatures are still cold. Wait until the minimum temperatures are at least 10°C (50°F) at night before buying them.

Routine cleaning

Regularly remove the exhausted flowers. Once the flowers are ready, they often fall on the foliage and can cause a whole mess.

To keep the foliage healthy and deter pests and health-issue, regularly remove fallen and exhausted flowers from the foliage.

I hope you liked this post about Mandevilla trellis ideas. The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

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