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Houseplants for North Facing Windows

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Here are some of the most beautiful and best indoor plants for the northern windows. You don’t need to be limited in your choice of plants if you don’t have sunny windows! There are still many options that you can grow in a weaker light. Here are 5 beautiful selections.

Remember, when I say that north-facing windows do not have direct sunlight, this is the matter in the northern hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere, your south-facing window is the equivalent.


1. installation of ZZ

Botanical name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Tips: ZZ plants are among the most difficult indoor plants that you can grow. They don’t care about drought and can survive and even thrive in a sunless window.

No special attention is required for the humidity of the air. It is a very light plant!

2. rattlesnake plant

Botanical name: Goeppertia insignis

Tips: Goeppertia insignis was formerly known as Calathea lancifolia and is a wonderful plant for its northern window.

These plants hate drying out and would appreciate higher humidity. You can be sensitive to the quality of the water and get crispy edges when watering with hard tap water.

3. Evergreen Chinese

Botanical name: Aglaonema spp.

Tips: These are some of the most colorful leafy plants that you can grow indoors, and they are available in a beautiful color palette ranging from green to pink to red.

4. women’s hair fern

Botanical name: Adiantum spp.

Tips: Female-haired ferns are delicate beauties and should never dry out, otherwise you will quickly get a very brown and crispy plant.

5. Sapphire Cebu

Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Sapphire’

Tips: ‘Cebu sapphire’ is as easy to grow as any Pothos and has beautiful silvery sapphire foliage. It is a vigorous vine that you can grow in a hanging basket or give it a climbing support.

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